oh what a feeling

I went away for a little over a week to see one of my oldest friends get married back on the East coast. I was worried about the trip since I've been so down recently and wasn't sure if I'd have enough energy to get out and do things without feeling like I wanted to crawl back into bed.
Once I had packed and was at the airport, I started to get really excited about the trip. The trip was really incredible. It was the first time since this latest depressive episode that I really felt like myself. I was happy, inspired and had a good time. I know that a lot of it has to do with being back in my home town and being able to see my friends but I also know that the new regimen my doctor has me on must be kicking in / working because just a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have felt nearly as good or happy even though I was back home.
I've been worried ever since coming back that I will slip back into the doldrums of depression, but I discussed it with my doctor and therapist today. My doctor reminded me how just a few months ago, I went to visit my family and I was still down and tired. Throughout this past year, different family and friends have come to visit and I was definitely not as energized or happy....so the drugs must be working and the trip I took was probably at a good time.
What I have to do is try and keep the momentum going from the trip - keep myself busy and try to continue to do things that make me feel good rather than letting the loneliness and where I live get me down again. I really think the trip has given me some hope that I'm getting better and that there are things out there that can still give me joy, people who can still make me laugh, and that this round of medications is finally really working.
I feel like I'm in a bubble where I'm safe - and that I can still sort of feel the good stuff that happened on my trip - but that right outside the bubble I can see the dark clouds of depression just hanging out waiting to get back in. My therapist says to acknowledge the clouds, but let them pass by and try to keep them away while I'm still feeling good. 
Normally, time seems to drag for me; I count the hours until my fiance comes home or until I can go back to sleep, but on my trip, the time flew by. A whole 8 days in a blink or a few blinks of the eye. Sigh. 
I am going to try. But I am scared.