October 9 progress report

I log my calories and my exercise.  I have been doing pretty good this week.  My goal was to diet for 2 days.  I wanted to aim for 3. I made it through 3. It was not quite where I would have liked for it to have been but I could see where I definitely made progress.  
Lifestyle changes is what I am after.  I did read that people are successful with dieting several days a week as opposed to trying to maintain it for a long period of time.  The use of appetite suppression methods to combat some of the mindless eating is helping. 
I have to confront the voids in my life.   I have to find other ways to address them . The way I understand it is if I am trying that helps to alleviate some of the emotional eating.  Just taking some steps towards fulfilling the dissatisfaction with life.  Unfulfilled potential is the root of much of the overeating.  I am making steps towards that.  I am making steps toward reaching out to others to get the emotional support that I need.  That just means having friends and people that care about you. 
I have some physical fitness goals that I am trying to reach.  It is a rough road.  I do see progress but not the progress that I would like to see.  I guess it just takes more time than I would like for it tool