No sleep at all - what\'s up with that?

I Didn't sleep at all  last night.that's very , very strange.  even with a lunesta.  When I finally felt like I might sleep I had such bad restless leg syndrom I was shaking and wiggling so much there was no way I could sleep.  So I just got up again and watched tv.  then at 5 am I gave up and made a pot of coffee.  I've been off coffee for a couple of weeks - but I've slept less well during that time than I have in years.  grrrrrr.   Now iI just have to keep awake all day so I can maybe sleep tonight.When I moved here to Hawaii where the docs are incredibly paranoid about prescribing  anything that could conceivably be abused by someone, the doc took me from 1-4 tabs at 4 mg  per tab of klonapin at night to  one 2 mg. tab.  i had been on a flexible schedule for 10 years because the RLS gets better and worse at different times.  guess this is one of those times.ooooh! I just got up to turn on the fan and my heart was pounding in my ears like before a faint.  Well I guess that's from lack of sleep.yikes.  I gots stuff to do today!!!



I hate having to move to a new state and deal with all new docs. Grrr. That happened to me when we moved back to Cali from Wa. I couldn\'t get my meds anymore as they were mail ordered and Cali doesn\'t permit out of state meds. Major issues with health ins companies too.

Dropping you r Klonopin could be why your RLS and sleep issues got bad again. I was actually up all night myself, went to bed about 6am and just got up at 11am. I hate it when that happens but I spaced and ran out of my Mirapex. My RLS gets bad if I miss a dose since I\'m on such a low dose.

I switched from Requip to Mirapex, less nausea.

Lunesta works great for me, hasn\'t lost effectiveness. Sometimes when bad, I combine it with Soma and Vicodin. I try and avoid pain meds during the day since they make me a little spacey but at night I just want to be out. LOL

I was a huge coffee drinker for years, I used it to combat the fatigue. Now I limit my consumption to 2-3 cups only in the morning. No caffeine after 3pm. If I want a cup of coffee in the evening, I use decaf. It seems to work for me...

Hope you day goes well and you get everything done you need to. If you have trouble getting meds or good docs, try going online if Hawaii has no restrictions. Use your old doc or any doc who was willing to prescribe meds that helped...many are very cooperative.

Wishing you a lovely pain free day and a good night\'s sleep later.



wow sorry you are having such a difficult time trying to sleep...I hate it when i happens ..don\'t \"they\" know ???? WE NEED SLEEP dang it lol
glad to her that your baby won a contest woohooo
i hope you get some sleep soon
Huggggggsss Deb