No Regrets . .

I've been cutting out different inspirational messages as I see them; this is about a Fresh Start... each day I stay away from gambling is a brand new start for me- a clean slate each day!  What's the point of thinking about the money and time lost in the past - - - that's what it is - just that - the PAST.   No regrets for me! 
Give yourself a fresh start!
Sure, you may have made a mistake or two, who hasn't?  And most of us wish we'd done something differently.  But - that's all behind you now.  Regrets only weigh us down, so why take them with you?  Instead, let hope lift you up as you step forward.  Your bright and beautiful future begins right now!
To a bright and beautiful future for all of us!



Here\'s to a bright and beautiful future for all of us!!!! I like that!!! Thanks for the sunshine...:-)

Excellent. Very uplifting and true. hugs barb