New perspective

So it's New Year's Eve and I have a lot to be thankful for I'm glad 2016 is gone I've learned a lot lost a lot and gained a lot. I'm being very successful and losing weight I already am at my goal weight and it's really easy to keep the weight off good job me and everyone is noticing I've had a job for almost going on 5 months it's good for me they treat me well and I've gotten used to all my co-workers it's a little bit of tricky though because everyone has their clicks and I'm not exactly in their clicks. I got a lot for Christmas my sister went all out and got me close because I'm losing weight and bought a combination of people bought me movies and body sprays and gift cards I had a really nice Christmas. My I have a friend a certain friend that I am like best friends with I'm worried about her she's a sweetheart she goes to my clinic butt I'm a little worried for her parents are getting really old and she's almost 50 while she is 50 and her parents are very old and I don't know what's going to happen afterwards when they pass I'm hoping for the best and wishing all her the best and all I can do is be there for her like a friend.a  lot of rain here in Arizona it was nice and it didn't rain on Christmas which was nice. I got my hair done it's really nice very blonde and got a few compliments. What to do family photos last weekend we went to Mesa and did a whole bunch of family group photos my sister's in town so I got to see her a few times she leaves next in like a week.