New Beginings...

So, things had been going kind of crappy with this one guy.  He was being a major jerk and just couldn't seem to take a hint.  Last night I told him flat out I didn't want to sleep with him and that I didn't want him contacting me anymore, then today he texts me and called me a stupid bitch and a piece of shit.
I'm so done with him.
I texted a friend of mine, we dated once before.. but things didn't work out because we were both childish about some stuff.  Well, I texted him because I was upset... it took him like two minutes to make me laugh.  Then he called me, and we talked for a bit.  Come to find out, he'd been thinking about calling me all day, he wanted to ask me out.  So, now I'm actually in a relationship for once.. not just hooking up.  And this obviously gives me incentive to not sleep around.  The only sucky thing, is that he is in Idaho right now, but I think it will be good for us to not be physically involved for a while..I think that's a lot of what messed it up before.  I really like this one.. hopefully it works.. It's about time I got to be happy.