Never the same

It has come to the point where things will never be the same with my parents and I. We actually  don't talk to each other anymore what so ever.
In coming to terms with this the past couple of days. Because even though there are huge problems going on, they are still my parents. My Mom was some one that I talked to almost every day and now for months I haven't actually talked to her. I used to send my parents text message here and there when this first started, and as silly as this sounds even though the text ended in arguements. We were still talking. But now the text message go unanswered, I've stopped sending them. Not even a return reply on Father's Day!!
The lack of a reply on Father's day has made me realize, there is no going back. My parents and I have clearly gone sereprate ways!! They want nothing to do with me. All because I want to stop their son from bringing harm to his own children and other children.
I realize that this may not be as huge of a loss and it may seem right now.
But the fact of the matter is that these are my parents. I was so eager at first to find replacements for my parents and family.To fill the void so I wouldn't feel like something was missing, But the fact is you just can't replace parents and sibilings.
I've realized that I have to accept this loss and try my best to move forward. Needless to say the anxiety is acting up  right now because of it. I'm sure in time it will get better.
I've learned to deal with the anxiety for the most part, it's just at time it can suck!! Now is one of those times.



im so sorry ur going thru this. it will get better in time. trust me. i too had to separate myself from my family cuz of a similar issue so i know where ur coming from and in time it will get better, in fact just this past wed, my brother whom i havent seen or spoken to in 6 years called and asked me for help. so see . miracles can happen sometimes u just have to distance urself to get better for u and like the saying goes if u love something ........

set it fre if it was meant to be it will be good luck to u keep ur chin up sweetie. hang in there. it does get better and remember ur the better person its their loss for not reaching out to u.