need your help/guidance on an issue about a dog.

a pair of hummingbirds are jetting through the air....making brief stops for rest on the top of the privacy fence.....i watch with fascination.  their beauty, their exquisite flying....

two rooms away play the strains of "The Hustler".....with Paul Newman, Piper Laurie, Jackie Gleason.......outdoors is pulling me away from my room with increasing intensity.  i rolled my jeans up at the bottom, makes me feel like a 50's girl about to go to a my hair cut into a thousand layers. so much for the idea of not cutting my hair for two years as of last august.  girls do and can change their minds.....frequently.

annie & rio are back yard watching most intently.  they sit side by side........tails occasionally glide back and forth.  a soft breeze blows the yellow looks to be a very pretty day. 

almost 2 pm.  sunday september 11th, it's 87 degrees out.  clear.......clean.  it's calling my name.....come on out.  come out and play.  breathe me in.......c'mon i dare ya!

fight off the sleepies.  figure out someplace different to walk around ......maybe go to different thrift store locations.  maybe.  too hot to hang at the park until later in the day.

the house is tidy, the dishes steak marinading in balsamic vinegar with honey/spices.  yard is mowed. 

so what exciting thing can i share before i head out?

it's exciting but buckle up your seatbelts.

bruce mowed the lawn on wednesday.  came back thursday late afternoon to finish up.  he had just told ne how he always has to watch out for Max, my neighbor's dog.  a muscular young dog.......Max is quiet and friendly to me, a sign of familiarity, but to bruce he is on alert.  jumpy......over zealous.  bruce went through the gate of the picket fence.....i was standing on the back patio mulling things over....(we were making a plan to put things up/ready the house for fall).  i heard bruce yell......max barking ......a very loud thump against the house......

i entered the house.....opened the door to the garage, hit the opener button and peered was too silent.  my heart was racing through my scared for bruce. so scared to go out there.  but out i went.

bruce was straighening his shirt......coming off the garden bed on the side of the house.  neighbor carol was holding max......and they were talking.  about how he was....bruce saw max ....was walking closer to my house for his own safety ......the sides of our home walls are 5-7 car lengths apart..  max jumped the fence and went after bruce.....bruce took on a defensive stance, raising his arms and backing up rapidly into my house wall.  as he backed up he hit the utility box cut his back. 

carol said that she noticed bruce there the day before and had tied max up......but she never expected him to come back so soon.  i asked bruce how he was......he told me what i just relayed to y'all in the paragraph above.  i was worried about bruce's cut......he said it was on his lower back.......i sensed that he was not wanting to talk about it overly much.....a man thing, and also he is not the sort that likes to be in the limelight for long.......i could see it was making him uncomfortable to be the center of a fuss.  so i didn't want to make it harder for him.......but......and this is a big but......

i told carol that i don't want anyone......not bruce or my family or anyone that comes to my home to have to be risk for injury.  that this is not the first time max has come on too aggressively with bruce.  carol explained that max gets this way around delivery men, people who come by infrequently.......but max JUMPED THE FENCE.

i talked to sam about it, he said that he doesn't think that Carol is getting just how serious this is.......he said this puts little Maria, his girlfriend......anyone who comes to my home at risk.  that it shouldn't have to end with someone being bitten which would result in Max having to be put down.  Max is a very muscular beautiful dog......he looks like a hot teen age dog......the Brad Pitt of dogs if you will........not that looks are the end all and be all of anyone or thing.  but his aggressive protective nature makes him dangerous.

when i had my say carol didn't say anything more.....she backed up with max and went to her own yard.  i know this is not comfortable but it's very serious.  i called bruce the next day to check on him.  angie dressed (his wife) his cut after he showered......this morning there was some bruising and he was stiff for a good long while.  i don't doubt it, that rush of adrenalin is a powerful thing.  coming down from adrenalin is also powerful....reminiscent of being in a car accident.  not a good feeling at all.

i don't want to make this into a bad neighbor breaking thing.......i want to say the right thing.  and i wish with all my heart that they had come over to say something to ask about brainstorm or offer suggestions about how to make things safer.  does this seem unrealistic that they would come here and bring it up.......want to work it out?  they are nice people, i am more comfortable talking to Bob....he's very easy going by nature.  i don't know if carol is shy or ?  perhaps she is an introvert.......but i know that even if they do nothing i have to do something.

please put on your thinking caps and offer up suggestions about this problem.  i like max......i don't like what happened to bruce AT ALL.  i don't want to lose bruce either......if this had happened to me i would probably quit working for me........i hope we can work this out so that he doesn't quit.  i also think about the pest guy who comes every few months.....i don't want him to get hurt....or debbie or my daughter or anyone.  sigh......praying about this.

see ya later, hugsssssss!



Oh, no! You can't lose Bruce! That would be terrible. I know these kinds of conversations are really hard, but it's probably something you can't get out of. Some things just have to be done. It seems like this is one of those things. Stand your back up straight and get 'er done, my dear friend. Love you.

Their dog jumped the fence and attacked your gardener. Now I may not be coming to visit afterall. Scary. What's to stop that dog from doing this over and over again and hurting other people. I would be terrified. How long has the dog been living next door Ruthie? This is no light matter. Bruce was in your yard not theirs. Your neighbors can't deny the danger of the situation. Bruce could press charges.Of course he probably wouldn't because he doesn't want to cause problems for you or have conflicts himself.Poor guy.I really feel for him . If it happens again he may be forced to quit his job or the dog will have to be controlled. How tall is your fence? The neighbors may have to pay for a high fence if they want to keep their dog. I hope it all works out. The laws are very strict here regarding this type of thing.So sorry for you Ruthie. You don't need this stress.Much love xo

Ruthie, I hate conflict, especially with neighbors, but this is really a scary, and potentially very dangerous situation. And Sam is right, it could really be a big issue with Maria. Does your community have an animal control department(ours is a sub-group of the police)? I wonder if you could call them and ask them what is the best way to handle it. Because Carol didn't really handle it in the right way, maybe a citation or warning from Animal Control will motivate her to be more serious about dealing with the problem. She knows Max is a problem, and frankly, it sounds like an accident waiting to happen. One with more serious consequences. After a dog bite, it's a good idea to get a tetanus shot. I wonder if Bruce is up on his tetanus vaccine?