Navel Gazing

What the hell is wrong with me? , or Is it reallynot so much myself as it is the nature of society?  Society is structured in such a way that I don't "fit?" I look around and it doesn't seem as if the rest of the world is terribly well adjusted either. So I'm laying here on my bed, wishing I knew how to cry, or maybe wishing I cared enough to cry My life is imploding for no readily apparent reason.  In some ways, I think I've given up trying. Just a long ramble.  My wife is on the phone talking to her boyfreind.  It should bother me, but it doesn't seem to.  I'd feel no different if she dumped him completely. I just doesn't seem to matter. So if something is broken,what is it?  How do I fix it?  What in the hell is going on? Sigh. Just venting and rambling.  No answers.  No prophetic insights.  Just tired. Steve