Nanette Nonsense reporting......LIVE (sort of)

lots of rebooting necessary today for my personal mainframe. 
i have crunchy hair.  not sure, but i may have conditioned first and shampooed last.  remedy?  finger pull to top of head, tie in knot, ignore.
next problem? alligator dermatitis i think.  need lotion massaged in, cats say no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay jose, see contract fine print.  not happening, you're on your own.  solution?  long pants and long sleeves.  create a cover up conspiracy until you can lotion up.  there there dry skin, it will be alright.
i did put some moisturiser on my face, but i made the big mistake.  i looked at my face in the funhouse mirror, the super magnifying circle of gloom and doom.  chin hair.  really?  come on.  i am a card carrying member of girly girls clubs everywhere.  beyond rude.  downright mean.  break the mirror?  nay nay.  step away........don't look back, save yourself little Bird.
i bought "the terminator" at the dollar store.  it terminates skin wonk.  (acne/blackheads).  i figure that best case scenario would be to tighten skin/eliminate blackheads on my little nose...........worst case, my nose would slide off my chin and plummet to the floor.  this stuff is insanely amazing.  my nose looks so happy, pores getting smaller.......oily skin eliminated.  just started using it on Friday, what are the odds? 
yes it really is called the terminator. 
ok, ok this may be TMI.......i can appreciate what you're thinking.  I wish I could think.  I figure the thinking app will be restored in a couple of days.  until then i'm winging it, trying to maintain happiness that i got to go shopping, got to go to dinner and hang with to do some home chores.  it's payback time and i didn't have any bonus energy coupons.  can't find them, must be some private members only exclusive offer.........i'm not sadding, i set my personal dial to tune into the monotone station.  it's a one note super soft hum stretching on into infinity...........................................................................................
i have a question........are outside of our home spaces getting louder or am i just too used to the quiet at home?  as much as i enjoyed eating out with Sara Saturday the restaurant conversation buzz and interior building noises were a pain in the beehive.  so glad to walk out the door and hear in the softer noise. 
i did slide food in to the oven to bake........setting an alarm clock + the timer cause my peepers are wanting to shut and i don't want my food to burn.  it's on slow roast.......already starting to smell awesome. 
rio is playing the "I am a rug" game today.  Rio.............move.  i almost stepped on gray cat instead of soft kitchen mat twice already.  that would not go well.  we had a little chat.......i played the part of Jo, the British super nanny and Rio played the disagreeable toddler.  annie, darling annie is hogging the footstool as usual.  apparently i'm supposed to share my toys/amenities.  rats, sometimes i want it to be mine all mine..................wrong yes, too honest rio is perched on the top of my rolling chair.......these kitties have got me surrounded.  am i a the settler in a connestoga wagon?  for all i know it could be way back when and this could be Ogallalla,  Nebraska. or maybe, just maybe the cats are taking over the asylum.
letting my fingers, limited brain function and you off the hook now..............gonna do something that resembles nothing.  your friend, Nanette Nonsense



Tiki likes to play \"floor is lava\" and run on the top of all the furniture, never touching the floor. It\'s hysterical.

I\'m with you. The outside world is too loud. Sometimes it\'s too smelly and that big white ball in the sky is entirely too bright! WTH? Perhaps i should have been born a vampire.

You are one Wonkie Sparrow!! If i didn\'t know you love your animals, I\'d be tempted to chew at you to be glad you have i am petless for the only time in my life.............& boy do I miss them!! I\'ve even considered a guinea pig, seeing as I could hide it in a case of a home inspection!! Any who, you enjoy them and give them some extra lovin\' for me!

OH good grief! Me again, laughing ma boots off!! Poor Rio....mama gonna step on his widdle head!!

I sincerely hope your nose does not plummet to the floor, but am amazingly impressed about the \"Terminator\". Can\'t believe they actually use that name for a facial product, but hey......

I have the allegator dermatitis too! Is it our age? I don\'t remember having this when I was younger, being all crunched up and all (like your hair).....maybe it\'s just our aging lack of hormones that dries us up like prunes. STILL, I think you\'re beautiful in spite of the fun house mirror!

You go get some rest, wonky bird! You iz luved!