my ex

so my ex ran away with my best friend karl and bad things were said on both sides and we didn't speak for 2 years btw am 18 now, so 6 months ago they split up and he told her that he hates here and never wants to see her again and she rings me up a week ago to talk coz she's lonely we kiss and make up but she doesn't want to be my friend fully coz she feels guilty coz of karl hating me he told her not to talk to me but he left her 6 months ago and said he never wanted to see or hear from her again but she can't be my full friend coz of karl and we fell out  last night because i went to a party and didn't txt her for 1 night and she said she hated me and never really wanted to be friends again and she never wants to see me i mean am not saying am perfect but karl was a right dick and i tried to make up i went round to his house with sentimental items like a game (FF8) its his favorite some pictures and cd's as a gift to say am sorry he threw them in the bin and walked away i even went to his parents houe and said sorry to them for the mess we caused i know i should get over it and move on but i don't love lisa anymore but theres that click there am not going back out with her but ya know she's played a big part in my life like karl and its hard to get over what should i do?