My time on line cut

Hi All. In some ways it is with sadnes that I now have to say that my time on line  will be cut down as tother things are taing up my time starting next week. Some weeks it could be every week day. Other weeks just random week days  but also some week ends might be taken up too. I will be on when & for as long as I can in btween times  more so at night but maybe not every night. I will miss all my friennds & my good friends on line evenn on here & I now some if not all will miss me. You can always measge me.Its a good way to make sure you dont forget what you want to ask or say too. Ill keep you up dated with what is happening for with and to me from next week on  words as and when I can. Im thankfull for thoes of you who have giving me your time to chat & in your own ways have also suported me even just by being there for me. Im not leaving here or any of my web sites that Im on but just having to be on less often and for shorter times  randomly.. Im ecited about what is going to be taing up my time during the times that it will. I have my own reasons for just letting verry few know what it is Illl be doing. I can say this it will be some thing good and of alot of benefit to other people & me just like the reason Im here for is. If you have read my profile page you may know what that reason is. Its oddly strange that at this point more people even who are not on my friends list are wanting to be &comming on chat with me now. But its  good thing too. Hugs & love to you all.