My Story about \"My Boys\"

A Colorado native taking care of two Texan teens  So many of my posts have only given a Swiss cheese glance into the story of how a single man from Colorado wound up taking care of two wonderful Texas teenage boys.  So I figured I would sit down and pen a few lines.  Now be warned, I am a writer, I love to write and have some items published.  Therefore this may become more of a short story or novel by the time it is all said and done.  I will do my best to use humor and proper writing to keep you entertained, but I will take no offense should you print this out to read at bed time to put you to sleep.  Nor will I take offense should you only browse the first line of the paragraphs; though let me caution you, you may wind up missing some wonderful parts filled with humor, suspense and murder!  Okay maybe I am just joking about that last one.  I left work early one day because I had been fired, and cried all the way home.  I called my Aunt in Texas and cried-“I’m on my way.”  She knew about my journey called college.  I had thought about going to Texas, as I really wanted family.  I longed for it, the emotional support and the stability.  It was rough going to college on my own.  Because of the whole job issue I had to stay in therapy for a couple of weeks.  On December 16th, 2008 I stepped off the Greyhound Bus and touched San Antonio soil for the second time in my life.  I had been here ten years prior.  Now 29, job less, home less, with out a car and no prospects in sight I did not know what I would do.  All anyone really knew was I would stay at my Aunt’s for about a month till I got resettled.  After all I had a college degree and such.  My prospects were bleak though and it took much longer to get out on my own than I thought it would.  My family in Texas consisted of my Aunt, Uncle, two cousins who were both married and a total of four second cousins.  Roy, almost 14, Aaron, now 12 and Zoe only 5 belong to J my one cousin who is married to M who is the father of Zoe but only step father to Roy and Aaron.  My aunt has partial custody of Aaron because of an incident between he and M a year and a half ago involving Child Protective Services and the fact that no one wants to deal with him.  While staying at my Aunt’s house, I got to know Aaron so well.  Because of his ADHD I connected right away to him.  As a child I was abused.  Before the age of 2 I had already been abused enough to cause brain damage which resulted in a temporary seizure disorder but I believe has been the physical cause of Cluster Headaches.  At age two and a half I had a bad enough seizure to dislocate and break my jaw, and severe the lower lip.  At age 7 I was the main course of a house fire, the whole time my mother was pulling me through the burning structure I was fighting her and she had to give up and send in a second person to rescue me.  At age 12 she tried to strangle me.  All through school I was told I was stupid and such.  Mother held me back in sixth grade saying I was not emotionally ready.  At age 14 she said I would be nothing but a drunk.  By the time I was 16 I was primarily on my own as she was married and had a second house in town as we lived in the country.  The school diagnosed me as having Significantly Emotional Identifiable Disorder.  Basically I hated authority and learn hands on, but with me in special education all through school they had to label me.  It took several weeks for Aaron to warm up to me, but we managed.  When he did we worked on homework and life.  I helped him excel in school the latter part of his sixth grade.  I never got really involved in Roy’s life till latter in February.  J called saying he had a question he wanted to ask, I said sure.  Roy wanted an adult to volunteer to go to the church’s Spring Retreat and his mother couldn’t make it.  I jumped at the chance.  I was also plotting a road trip back to Colorado and thought I might take the boys, since it would be spring break.  As it happened it all worked out.  Before going to the retreat I found out Roy had not accepted Christ.  During the retreat we bonded.  I learned he was confused about the Christian faith.  We both had fun and even some great laughs as everyone thought I was his father!  We got back Monday around noon, picked up Aaron and headed north.  Tuesday we ate lunch in Colorado.  If you ever want to know children better, take a road trip.  I learned that both boys loved the outdoors and hiking.  I taught them lessons about life and the Bible.  We played in snow and laughed some days so much it hurt.  On the way back I allowed Aaron to spray his hair blue.  We were driving back and planned to stop in Abilene Texas for a couple hours of sleep so we could make Easter Sunrise services at church in San Antonio.  Both boys knew they were to take showers, but Aaron went off the deep end for the second time that week.  Finally, when he calmed down enough he told me that it was because he did not want to go home.  The main reason being his step father.  I had already told the boys my reason for coming to Texas, but I told them again that it was not because of them.  Then the magic happened, while hugging them, in a KOA cabin I promised them that I would become a bigger part of their lives.  Angles sang and God smiled, His will was being done.  We left at 2:30 a.m., enough time to drive to San Antonio, allowing an extra half hour for me getting lost.  Unfortunately there was a surplus of deer on the road and we made it to the church late.  I didn’t think Aaron’s blue hair would be a problem, but the family was sitting up front!  They calmed down after a couple weeks, but several members of the church still talk about it.  It was after this that I began to spend almost every weekend with the boys.  I also began to take Aaron to school in the mornings.  And we connected more often.  To fast forward a little-Roy accepted Christ on April 13th; six days latter we went out to a movie on Saturday.  The boys talked me into a double feature and it was during this second movie Roy began to “space out”.  No big deal, a teen watching a movie.  It was on the bus ride home he began to have major issues and I called his mom and we rushed him to the ER.  In the early morning hours of Sunday she sent me home to get some rest to come back and relieve her latter.  At 2:30 in the morning I totaled her car.  Several people had ping ponged a light pole into the middle of the highway and I hit it head on.  Thankfully I only suffered minor injuries and a fractured wrist.  Roy spent five and a half days in the hospital.  He was released with no diagnosis and we were forced to try and cope as best as we could.  Finally, just recently we got him in to see a psychiatrist.  The whole illness is anxiety.  Over the last three months so much has transpired.  On June 14th the step father threw the younger boy against a wall.  This led me to intervene and try to get the boys over to my house more.  I had already been taking them to Boy Scouts and Church.  It worked fine for a little while, and then the mother threw a fit.  However, here lately, the boys have been over at my house much more.  I was able to con the mother into getting Roy’s decayed teeth, her fault, pulled last week.  He is really opening up to me.  It is really hard to put the last three months into a time table, but I should.  I cry almost every night for Roy.  Thankfully both boys are very bright and call me almost every night for prayer and just to talk.  The first time the mother said I wouldn’t ever see them again Roy went into panic mood but he began to text me on the emergency phones I got the boys when we went to Colorado.  The future is uncertain at this time, but I am working on getting the house in order so they can stay there during the school year as much as I can get them.  Roy wants to go out for Golf, but couldn’t before because of transportation issues.  Well he has me now and will never have to worry about it.  I can’t file for custody according to Texas law, so I am just going to ride the wave and take as much of them as I can with out fighting the mother.  I cherish the time we have; I just wish she would grow up and raise the boys right.  She has basically ended all medical care for them.  You can’t change a rock into a rose.  So I will stay the course, God put me here and I am not moving.  So I will close this little story and hope if helps all of you understand me better.  I like getting back ground information in post myself.  If you need any clarification on this, as I have been brief, just message me.    Praying that God will strengthen me and guide me to do His will-  DJ