my sons birthday today

Today was our son's 6th birthday today.  I actually met up with darah and her family at the scottsdale train park today.  I know tommy loved it.  It was a little painful to see sarah and not touch her or hold her like i wanted to.  I really enjoyed hanging out with my two sons, my wife, and her parents.  We had so much fun.  I just need to remember one day at  a time.  I realized today that i can be patiend and remain calm.  I wanted to blow up and tell sarah that i felt like shit and did not want the divorce.  But, i thought it is my sons birthday, and i did not want to ruin it at all.  I know that doing that will not work either.  Patience is what i am really trying to learn.  It isnt easy, but i will work harder and harder at it.  It really felt good to see my beautiful wife today.  I just hope and pray that she sees change and comes back.  I know it might take time, and am telling myself that the time is worth the wait.  To anybody reading these, pray for me.  I am working on this one day at a time and just hope that this is the lord aboves plan for me and sarah.  I still do not want this divorce and will try my butt off to repair my actions to show sarah that i still want to be the husband she wants and needs.