My Sister is having to stay on her own

I am worried but feel good that she is finally able to live on her own. She is 43 but is mentally handicapped and not able to completely live without help. Mainly because she does not understand money and value and numbers and things like that. She has always lived with my mother who treated her like a three year old and spoiled her but she is much more capable than that and I have laways known it and told them as much.Now that my mother and father are both moved to living assistance she is needing to learn to live on her own. There is help for her and she gets people to come in and help her with shopping and errands, driving around, going to medical appointments getting her medicines, helping with meals and things like that. They will be paying her bills and providing her with money for groceries and some fun. I think she will be fine and pray and hope for the best. I will be visiting often and going to church with her on Sundays as well as dropping by to pick up my parents mail that goes there (I have to pay their bills and such now).
If you have any advice I would be glad to hear it.