my Ptsd

with Dr. Tom, we have figured out a lot with the ptsd issues. Sub consiously, i think i am a failure.  The things that i have wanted to do with my life, i have not done.  Especially with adding this seperation to the mix, it adds to it.  I did not become a pilot like i planned.  I did not get to finish college to become an officer in the marines.  I did not even get to stay in the marines like i wanted.  I missed my first son's birth.  i missed out on a lot of family time because of deployments and work.  My health hindered me continuing my career.  because of those things i have not dealt with, they have created bad confusing emotions, which turn to anger, according to Dr. Tom. I am not sure what the next step is, but i have at least identified them.  We will work on them next monday at 8 am.