My Ok Day

Well, day twelve came and I have to admit it is getting much easier.  The cravings are less frequent and don't seem to last as long.  I have been dealing with a little bout of depression and that usually would be a big trigger to smoke, yet I haven't lit up yet.  However, there were a couple of web sites that I visited today.  I know it isn't the most honorable thing to do, but I wanted to know what COPD was.  Well, after reading about it and how awful it was, the site led me to another site which was what smoking does to your skin.  Now that really did it for me.  They had pictures side by side of identical twins.  One smoked and the other didn't.  Wow, I couldn't believe the difference.  I mean, we can't see what smoking does to the inside, but I didn't think it did so much to the outside. So that did it for me.  I think if I keep that site in my bookmarks then when I have a craving I will just look at that.