my life is out of balance

my kids love me being home.  my job left me with no energy each night and no time to spend with the kids...only on the weekend...and i spend most of the weekend recovering from the week. 
since ive bn out of work ive made dinner for them and weve shared some time.  they love it.  i like it....i feel in the loop. with the hours at my job i was totaly out of the loop.  i dont even know my childrens teachers names.
i dont know what bus they ride.  i dont know anything.
and im exhausted all the just sometimes.  well im sure that will get better after the baby is born.
being a single parent totally sucks.  jobs dont embrace parenthood.  i have to raise children around my job, not the other way around....with 2 parents it was easier 2 be there 4 the kids...we cld share the duties, but now we both have to work and make as much money as possible b/c we have 2 households 2 support....
divorce although in my case was necessary is the death of family and is not in the best interests of the children.
divorce is to make the parents happier....but i honestly cant say that i wld have bn happy in a passionless marriage even if my husband had stopped the adultery...cld we have worked through the other problems...guess well never know. :-(