My kitchen drawer broke and don't know how to fix it.

My kitchen drawer broke.  I don't know how to fix it.  Smokey fixed everything around here.
I emailed my cousin, facebook and the two churches that I attend.  I will wait and see what they say.  I am not a handyman.  Right now I took the drawer out and put it in the hall closet.  It looks funny now there is this empty space in the kitchen.  I don't really need it except for my kitchen towels.  It was the cutlery drawer but now I put my cutlery in some containers on the counter and actually like it.  I had the toaster on the counter but now I put it in my cupboard.  I like how I arranged my kitchen now.  Its so handy just to reach for a knife, fork or spoon that is on my counter top.  I still reach for the drawer out of habit of 12 years.  Its hard to break these kinds of habits where you knew where everything in your kitchen was placed.
I just thought I would vent out this frustration.  There are all these small reasons why I miss my beloved and loved Smokey.
I cried my heart out yesterday.  Smokey hated Christmas but he always made it very special for me.  This is the first year I took out my fiber optic poinsettia flower and Christmas Tree along with my Christmas plate.  It made me cry yesterday thinking how much Smokey went out of his way to make my Christmas special.  He always succeeded.  I miss him so much and it has been three years now.  
I hope everyone has a good Christmas as well and, hopefully, not too much crying from Diane B.



Tell me exactly what happened to the drawer. Did the front piece with the handle break, did the bottom break, let me know. Wendy