My goal for today!!!!

Well my goal for today is to be positive!!!! All day!!! Nothing bad is going to happen to me today!! I will have a great day!! I am productive and I am happy! I have faith! I will succeed in everything that I do!! I will be happy no matter what happens to day!
Now , today is my oldest son's Bday. He is 17yrs old. And to add more things to my to do list... my daugther got her first period!! And she does not seem bent out of shape about it. Oh well, we will see later. She is a tomboy!!!! I do not think that she is happy about it at all! I told that we will go and buy pads and cute things, she do not seem to care!



Wow it didnt bother her? I wouldnt even go to school when I first got it. I got it really early I was only 10. How is she doing with it now? Happy bday to your son!!!