My Daughter's Sexual Abuse

I found myself writing another speech for communications class this time.  It was an informative speech about me and the event that formed the person I am.  I would love to be able to write a different speech, but in truth this was the defining moment of my life.  I suppose I could fib and write about something different, but no, not really.  Since her abuse, I find that I have to speak about her abuse.  My speech was about how after such an event in your life, you really learn the need to speak, to share knowledge and not to stay silent.
It is so painful sometimes to relive it over and over in these cases, but I think it has to be said.  Someone else posted today how angry they were that one of the kids told others of the abuse in their family.  I understand the anger.  What really sucks about the anger is that it is not directed towards your child.  It is directed towards society and people in general that make it not okay for your kid to talk about what has been a truth in their lives.  Initially, when my daughter was around 11 at a sleepover, she was innocently asked about her dad.  And yes, as an adult, we would choose this reply, "my parents are divorced and he is not a part of our lives".  Because we know and understand the b.s. that is society, the consquences and what is deemed appropriate to really talk about.  But, my daughter honestly answered he was in prison.  Of course, then the kids want to know why, and even as my daughter tries to back off, it's too late, they're curious and pushing.  So, she tells why, that he had been abusive.  Of course, then they want to know how.  As my daughter told me later, she realized way too late....and they kept pushing and pushing and pushing until they had way TOO many details and yep, I got a call at 2 a.m. to pick her up. 
Of course, it was all politically correct.  The parents, of course, understood and were very sorry, but there were other kids there too and who knew how their parents would react.  To this, I'm going to say a big BULLSHIT, because this family disappeared from our lives too.  These kids are forced to downplay, lie and avoid the reality, the truth of their lives because it's just too damned uncomfortable to talk about.  OMG!!  What if other parents actually had to talk to their kids about sexual abuse!!!
So, as a parent, I try to normalize this for my daughter and that each family has their own values, boundaries, rights and just like you are quiet in church out of respect, you also respect their home and views.  And yeah, she understood, and yeah, life went on and it was okay, but in truth, I can't do it and shouldn't have to do it.  And a young child sure as hell shouldn't have to. So, no matter how painful it is to write a speech on the event that formed who I am, it is the truth and I will speak it.  I will speak it loud and clear in the hopes that it will touch another life, that it will make a difference to one person I can touch along the way, to support, to help and to be okay.
Martin Luther King, Jr. said once that this generations regret would not be in the hurtful words of the bad people, but in the appalling silence of the good people.  To this, I can only agree.