Mr. Fixi-it

When I was drinking, events like what happened today would be another reason to drink.  First I discovered the dryer was broken.  That would usually be enough.  Today, I was sober.  So I took the dryer apart.  I thought I needed a new heating element.  So I went on the internet so see what a new part would cost.  I found a video on what to test to see if it really was the heating element, or something far less expensive, like a fuse.  Guess what?  It was a fuse.  I spent $7 for a continuity tester.  Then jury-rigged the dryer to get it going, while I am waiting for a new $10  fuse to come from Amazon. (Hope the house doesn't burn down in the meantime).
In the old days, I would start drinking when I found a problem.  I'd drink all day while I tried to fix the problem.  Then I'd drink some more because I couldn't fix the problem, gave up, or fixed the problem. Any of these outcomes would be a reason to drink.
Not today.