More of the same SHIT!

I'm not in a very good mood and don't want to be bothered. I'm depressed and anixous all the time and now to top it off, I applied for college and Kasiah came back home.I not in the mood for him and college. He has not changed and I know this, I can see it in his face. He is my eye sore and yes I hate him. I hate the fact that I hate him and the reason why I hate him.
I don't want him back at home and I lied when I said that I do. I didn't miss him and if he moves the wrong way, he won't live to regret it.
Now on to other things,nothing! No really just nothing.Other than my worldly responiblities, NOTHING is happening with me! I need a break from life. I want to die soo bad that I can taste it. I'm not doing anything with this one.
I'm sad to be around including myself. I don't want more friends and the few that I do have I don't want to be around.
 I know that I want to be pretty and loved and always the bell of the ball. I want a great job and nice things( not alot) just nice things. Well mannered children and a nice looking, hard working man that will treat me and my kids right! Is all of this too much to ask for? NOOOOOOOOOO!
But instead I got nothing but two good kids and some nice things. And a crazy mind!!