More emotional outing (The Eagles -- In The City)

Tomorrow one of my classes is not going to have an in-class lecture (the professor just simply stuck needing to be somewhere else, I think it might be a professional development seminar but yesterday I was in such a state that catching much just plain wasn't happening).
I think I'm going to have to use that time to go into a section of Boston proper -- near Downtown Crossing, maybe -- just to kickstart the healing process.  That won't be easy -- truth be told, I hate being in or around Boston -- but one of my friends suggested something along these lines for among other reasons to help show myself that most of the time, so long as you know what sections to avoid, Boston isn't that bad a city, particularly in the daylight hours.
My feelings about are...well, sometimes they best come out through music.  So while this will come off as a repost for anyone who's known me for a while, I think I need to toss this up again.  It's a song by the Eagles from the late 1970s called In the City, from the "The Long Run" album.  Apparently, it was originally cut solo by Joe Walsh (who sings lead here) for the movie The Warriors.  Later in the studio it was seriously considered for The Long Run album because Glenn Frey (who along with Don Henley were principally responsible for the early success of The Eagles) had a liking for it even though at the time it wasn't particularly known (yet).
Somewhere out there on that horizonOut beyond the neon lightsI know there must be somethin' betterBut there's nowhere else in sightIt's survival in the cityWhen you live from day to dayCity streets don't have much pityWhen you're down, that's where you'll stayIn the city, oh, oh.In the cityI was born here in the cityWith my back against the wallNothing grows, and life ain't very prettyNo one's there to catch you when you fallSomewhere out on that horizonFar away from the neon skyI know there must be somethin' betterAnd I can't stay another nightIn the city, oh, oh.In the city
In the city...
In the city...
In the city