MIL Issues....Again...Anyone Suprised? LOL

Yep, that's right, I'm peeved at my mother in law again!  I swear, if I just took all the angry I've been dosed with in regards to her I would have enough energy to power a tank.  I get tired of being angry with her, and Joey get's tired of hearing that I'm upset with her.  So he tells me he doesn't want to hear it and I'm left with no outlet for my anger.
This time was stupid.  I wasn't furious or anything.  I was just mildly upset and when I bring it up with my MIL she just tells me she will 'try' next time.
First things first.  We bought a new/used SUV.  New to us, used to everyone else, lol.  We had to take a three hour drive to pick it up, then three hours home.  I didn't want to stick Marlow in a car for that long so I asked me SIL if she could watch her that day.  She said sure.  I like my SIL but she's sort of flaky.
As a suprise my OTHER SIL came down.  And when my first SIL(Kimmy) was to be watching Marlow, she left her with my MIL so she could go out with her sister.  I wouldn't mind, she doesn't get to see her sister often.  But I fed Marlow some chicken noodle soup and crackers for lunch.  And my MIL takes her from me, I found out she would be spending a few hours with my MIL before we left, and says to Mar 'let's get some REAL food in you now.'  Apparently soup isn't good enough.  Plus, no matter what I say she refuses to let Marlow eat anything that isn't ground up into a smoothie.  She gets upset if I let Marlow feed herself when we are there.
But that didn't make me mad.  What made me mad was we were gone in the end for almost 12 hours.  Our old car decided to conk out right after we got the new one, but we needed to get it home so we had to jimmy rig it to make the drive.  When we got back I was packing up Marlow's things and I was looking for her washed bottles.  I couldn't find them.
So I look in the fridge, and whatta know, they are both in there, and they are full.  I only packed 2 as we weren't to be gone that long originally but she didn't give either of them to Marlow.  She told me she thinks whole milk is gross so she gave her water and a litte 2%.  I wouldn't mind the 2% or the water if she had gotten her milk first.  I understood we were gone long and maybe Mar would of wanted milk and she wouldn't of had enough bottles.  But the whole milk is what she drinks for a reason.  And my MIL figures because she doesn't like it then Marlow shouldn't have it. 
She's like that with a lot of things.  She hates sweet potatoes so she sits there and says 'yucky, those are gross' and 'if mommy doesn't eat them then why does she feed them to you?  silly mommy!'  I'm glad Marlow isn't old enough to understand.  Honestly, so what if I don't like sweet potatoes....that doesn't mean Marlow won't!