middle of the night........why am I awake?

silly question really.......the why of awake and asleep is a mystery.  how are you?  yeah, i miss you!  hope you are in a good place mentally.......the physical is a come and go fleeting thing, but i like choosing the upside whenever i can remember to do it!  find a smile......share it with a squirrel or a spider or a bird or a random wandering elephant........sleepy and awake.  sheeeeeeeez.

if you were here we could turn on flashlights under the covers and tell jokes.......we could pretend we're movie stars and walk an imaginary red carpet........we could make tiaras or crowns and be royals..........or make mud pies with the garden hose.  cause we can do all sorts of stuff in Imagination, c/o Planet Earth.......

saturday was fun.  went junk pickin' with Debra.  we went to one thrift store that sells items for ridiculously low low prices. on saturday every item was $1.75...if you go to this thrift outlet on a Wednesdsay every item is a quarter each... i know, crazy right?  debra is watching over a delightful woman with altheimers.....her mate is a school bus driver.......so Debra is sitting with her while he does his split shift pick up of the little learners.........  the onset was pretty dramatic/sudden and life changing. the hubby hopes that debra can do this for them until school gets out this spring.  then he'll figure out what to do fromt there.  Debra says thislady is really sweet......which is a blessing for both of them.  Debra had three back surgeries so she needs to take it easy herself......

on sunday i was invited to go to my neighbors for dinner......the young couple Ryan and Kari's had visitors from home.  Kari's Mom and step dad.......they go to Florida from Thanksgiving to early spring each year then head back home to start their garden.  home is where i am from originally as well.......Iowa. 

random thing to share, there will be a moment on the new Carrie Underwood video or young Iowans doing the wave at a stadium.  they are disabled kids all gathered together, i was told you can view the kids at exactly 2:14 in the video.......but i don't know the name of her new song.......silly foghead that i am.

all these details but the main info needed simply evaporates........my shower chair had a falling out with me today.  it suddenly started to slide out on one side........and dip. uh oh........i grabbed the shower bar and stood up safely, no risk at all, just a tad startling.  i put it in the garage and ordered a new one with aqua accents.  it should arrive on friday.........come on down happy new shower chair!!!!!  i noticed it was leaning on one side a while back, but i would pick it up, turn it around and that seemed to be ok for awhile.....and then today it wasn't ok anymore.  poor little chair, it will go to the curb manana.

the dinner at the neighbors was good, they served beef brisket with several choices of bbq sauce.......to put on freshly baked taki rolls, brussel sprouts, and a really delicious salad.  it had 3 different beans, cilantro, cherry toms, chick peas, avocado, bacon, olive oil and prolly some more healthy good crunchy stuff.......it was so good.  followed by peach pie with homemade whipped cream......i was too wiped out to walk home so ryan drove me to the door........then i watched the oscars and worked on a crossstitch.

found the crossstitch at a thrift store, it had been started, but not completed, made me sadding to see it almost to the finish line.....it cost me a quarter to bring it home and work on it.  i got a lot done as i listened to the oscars.

today i worked on filing and organizing.  i put this sort of thing off for as long as possible then i add another 5-8 months just to hone my procrastination technique to a level worthy of procrastinators everywhere!!!!  i drug in another table from the garage.......file folders and got busy.  it took a realllllllly long time........not done yet.  i had to quit......rio wanted to help of course.....landed on some papers, skidded and they went flying.  i told him  to pick 'em up cause my bendy mechanism is in the dumper.......i swear he laughed at me as he took off running! 

sadness, my daughter sara's kittums had to be put to sleep last week.  i gave her Xanadu for her 21st birthday.......she turns 31 at the end of this month.......Xan suffered with a serious illness but even when you know it's coming it doesn't ease the heartbreak of such a loss........i always like to pick the tremblers or the laid back kitties.  the tremblers always seem to turn into kitty hugging machines which is pretty wonderful and the laid back kitties don't stress over anything, they can roll with the punches and it all serves to calm me down...........but my sara she picked the bruce willis in die hard kitty.  always about action and adventure......always coming up with the craziest stunts........wild with a huge side of attitude!  fierce and feisty to the core.  so like my saraface.......

i think i can sleep now.......not sure why i've been able to be this active the last few days but i'm not complaining at all.......the illnesses are less intense, still here, still in and on and all up in my business, but not as bad as usual.........gotta use these days wisely for we never know when they will be back..........praying for me and i am praying in care of you.........hugs, ruthie of sparrow cottage



I'm glad you found the cross-stitch. I love doing cross-stitch. It calms me down. I was up all night too. I guess we were up together. I hate it when I don't sleep. Love you.

I didn't sleep at all last night. Ugh.

I couldn’t sleep on Tuesday night. Something is in the air! I was a zombie all the next day. I’m sorry to hear about Sara’s kitten. It’s so hard to lose a pet. One on my doxies died right after Christmas. We’re still mourning him. I’m glad you had enough oomph to get out and have some fun this week. You go, girl.

So sorry to hear about Sara's kittie .......... ah, but it sounds like they had a wonderful 10 years together! They were both blessed.
Sleep? Me, too. My body clock is so off!
The meal with the neighbor's sounds so good.
You cross stitch .,,. Me, well...... I've been making Barbie clothes. (Yes, clothes for Mattel Barbie dolls.). I made a pair of camo pants with a dark green hoodie for my Barbie. She ain't no sissy! Yeah, go ahead: laugh, laugh, laugh.

Sorry about the being awake in the middle of the night. Maybe the sandman is cutting expenses with his sand?!
so sorry about Sara's kitty. always hard to say goodbye.
loved to go treasure shopping at flea markets and such.
glad your are okay and didn't crash when the shower chair went kaput.
I told Fritz the other day I should maybe start wearing my bicycle crash helmet when I stumbled and fell the other day. I am fine. Fritz agrees,it scared him quite a bit..
anywho....sweet lady. sending you good energy and your in my prayers always.♥