Mental Trickery Needed?

I'm taking some time to write this now before I forget to do so...any other activity waiting I will look at tonight when I have a little more time, I promise.
It's like this: This week, and next, I really ought to be experimenting with different ways to help myself feel better.  Most of it involves just keeping myself occupied as per suggestions I've gotten.  But it hasn't worked out that way.  I'm finding it easier to help around the house than it has been to help myself.
I don't really understand why that is.  I mean, the advice certainly has not meant to hurt by any means.  The only explanation that makes sense to me is what I think will happen if (insert coping mechanism here) doesn't work.
See, I have this really bad tendency to beat myself up a lot for anything that goes wrong...and I mean anything, even if it was something that was out of my hands.  I've had coping mechanisms crash out on me before, and the first thing that usually comes into my head is something like, "Daaaaaviiiiid...what made you stupid enough to think that this would work for you?"
This is a really bad time for me to be struggling with this because it's just building on top of concerns I already have over how I'll get help next semester (see previous entries this month...they involve a course with which I know I will have trouble) and whether my enforced break that will kick in for real in mid-July will do me any good or not.
I have a feeling I have to trick my brain to damage any one of these walls...but the underlying problems are so entrenched that at the moment said walls look indestructible.  It's no wonder I've only slept through the night twice in the last two weeks, these worries are running so high.