memorial day

Here comes the Indy500. I live in Indiana and TV sports are the new things to do for my Mom and me. She likes to read but knows I am nearby watching TV. She is so less alone this way and her attitude is getting better.
So many hate the race. I like to celebrate and join in on fun. So, checkered flags and green lights for my window coming up!! You should have seen how we decked out for superbowl Colts!! So sad they lost this one.
Otherwise, on a lay off and glad. Ok, miss the cash. Maybe the routine. That is it though.
Next on my list of things to do is start walking. If you are reading this then you are one of the friends. PLease asking me how it is going....I need a push to keep it going. My head is in the right place. Just need a nudge.
DS pals, I have missed you and hope someone stops to say hi.
Happy Memorial Day
(zoom zooom!!)