Meebo Emoticons #2: Other Emoticons

In the last lesson I offered on emoticons for IMs here, I just covered some basics regarding indicating how you feel.  Today, some variations.  Like last time I'm only to list one for each smiley, but most of them have other keystrokes that will work.
Again, I have to give credit where it is due; you can find an extensive list here:
* Laughing: (lol)
Lol means laugh out loud.  Basically you're saying, "Gosh, that is funny!"
* For an angel: (angel)
Ever wanted to tell someone that he/she is an angel?  There's your shortcut.  Looks pretty convincing too, I know a couple of people I would just love to use this on.
To signal an oops: :x
A fancy way of saying, "My bad", is really all this is.
To indicate you're being sarcastic: (sarcasm)
I didn't even know this one existed.  I can be pretty sarcastic at times, this might be one I have to throw into the memory bank.
For thumbs up: (y)
I agree with you is basically what this says.  For thumbs down just replace the y with an n.