Meebo Emoticons #1: The Basics

I've had requests from a couple of my friends regarding how to express various emotions using the DS instant messaging server.  This entry is specifically for them and anybody else who wants to know about these emoticons.
You really need only a few keystrokes for these.  Some have variations that will also work, but to avoid confusion I'm just going to go with what I usually use.  Ready?
* For a hug, type this: (hug)
My personal favorite.  There's not a person who live chats here who shouldn't get one of these.
* To show a smile, go with this: :)
Smiles pretty much speak for themselves.  Either you're happy, or you care about who you're talking to, or something similar.
* For a frown: :(
I'm feeling sad, or a piece of news is bad and I want to show sympathy to who I'm talking with.  That's what I typically use these for.
* Crying: :'(
This can also mean, "I feel so bad that I could cry."
* Confused: :s
This could mean a few things.  One is "could you clarify?".  Sometimes when I use it it could mean "Gosh, I'm leaving out words awfully early (which is something I'm guilty of often)...what's up with that?"
To show you're mad: >:o
I almost never use this, but you could to say, "I'm very upset about this."
There is actually a page with an extensive list of emoticons you can use, you can look it up here: