Med changes

Today I saw my pdoc and they changed my meds a tiny bit.
They took off the Cogentin, since I am no longer on the Risperdal. Now I just need to watch to see if I develop any side effects. My pdoc doesn't think I will get any serious side effects from the 10mg of Abilify that I take, however if I do I may be put back on the Cogentin.
The second change is that I will be taking the Abilify in the evening. I was told to play with it. If I take it at 11 and I get insomnia, try taking it at 5 instead. So today I already took my dose this morning. Tomorrow evening I take my first evening dose, so stay tuned!
Anyway, keeping this short because I want to spend some nice alone time with my boyfriend, and I don't want to take up all my time with him here typing out a long journal or anything. Ciao!