Marlow Turns 1

Well, today is the last day I can only measure my baby's age in months.  I mean, I can always do it, but it's no longer what you do.
She's gonna be 1 tomorrow.  At 10:50am, tomorrow morning, my little girl is officially just my girl.
It's crazy how much happens in just a year with a baby.  I mean, it takes me six months to learn to do something new well.  It takes a baby a few weeks to master a new skill.  In a year she learned to sit, to stand, to crawl, to walk.  She learned that pointing at something and saying 'wassat?' gets you an explanation.  She learned that when she holds her duck up and says 'duuuuch'  daddy laughs hysterically, and she doesn't care why just as long as she's the one causing the smiles.  She learned how to get out of her playpen, how to pull out all he plug in covers, how to tilt her head and bat her eyelashes if daddy won't cave in the start.  She's discovered colouring, and painting herself with her food.  She's learned how to look under things, around things, over things.  She's learned how to line up toys like stairs so she can get on the couch.  She's learned to dance, and right now unfortunatley for my poor ears, how to sing.
She went from this soft, sweet smelling, gentle, little BEING into this punky, opinionated, demanding, smart PERSON.  She developed her own personality.  Her own likes and dislikes.  Her own everything! 
It's odd, I decided I wanted a baby, had Marlow, then we decided to wait until Marlow was at least three or four before we even considered another.  In the end, we decided we may even just have one.  But the baby fever is back, light right now, but it's gonna be hell if it get's worse.  I do not want a baby this close on the back of Marlow.  But as she gets bigger I find myself longing for a little baby to cradle and snuggle.  To dress without protest.  To feed without an attempt at independance.
I love that Marlow is becoming a wonderful little person, but I yearn for my soft little being.  Sigh.  I think THIS is the hardest part of being a parent.



awww, sniff ... how bittersweet it is!