Marlow's 18 Month Checkup

So Marlow had her vaccinations and a check up today.  I hate taking her for needles, it makes me so sad!  And having to wrestle her into position so they can poke her makes it just that much more worse.
But the health nurse told me that Marlow is waaaay advanced in her language skills.  She listened to Marlow and told me in the few minutes she was listening Marlow is speaking months ahead of the general learning curve.  HA! In your face MIL!  Heehee
She has to be checked out because she is pigeon toed on one foot :( so we have to take her to get it all checked out.  They said if it's something worrisome then they will get corrective foot wear or a brace.  But she said it could also just be nothing.
Her fine motor skills are really good too, and so are her gross skills.
I also have to go get her ears checked for internal scarring since her balance is not improving like it should be.  She had so many infections as an infant that the nurse told me it could be a possibility.
She's 26lbs and 32 inches.  Wow, what the heck happened to my 6lb baby who was only 19 inches long?



They grow so fast, don\'t they?
I know what you mean about taking them for their shots. It\'s horrible to hear that little cry.
I wouldn\'t worry too much about being pigeon toed unless it\'s really bad. My DH was pigeon toed. His parents put him in hockey and it corrected the problem. Good luck with that.