Marlow Is Turning One and I am SOOO Sad!

Marlow turns one in a week from today.  And I'm so sad!  It's crazy!
I'm trying to get her party prepared and I find myself standing in an aisle holding paper plates and fighting back tears.  I'm sort of dreading the day.
My fiancee doesn't get it.  He tells me to man up, that she will have many more birthdays.  That she is still my baby, not old at all, and that nothing will seem different after her age has changed.
Of course, he's right.
But it doesn't feel like that!  It sort of feels like 'Oh my God!  Where did that year go?'.  Sort of like 'My baby is growing up on me, I'll wake up and she will be sixteen!'  Sort of like 'This is the beginning of leaving mom behind.'
I mean, she walks, she basically feeds herself(not well but she refuses to let anyone feed her), she talks....sort of...she says wassat? and points to things.  She really only needs me to get her her meals and change her bum! 
I remember holding my little 6lb 10oz baby in my arms.  I remember cradling her while I fed her.  Feeling her breathe as she lay on my chest.  I remember people looking in at her and oohing and ahhing.  I remember people clamouring to babysit!  That ended when she mastered walking at 11 months.  I remember when she first smiled.  First laughed.  First cried.  First discovered rolling over(4 months), crawling(6.5 months) and first started the walking(10 months).  When she first recognized my face, truly recognized it.
I'm so sad, and it makes me mad. So I'm sad and mad!  lol.  I miss my baby, I have this independant little creature now....I miss my snugglebuggle.