Colorado finally passed a medical marijuana bill allowing some with certain issues to be able to buy and grow marijuana. Out of nowhere I went to a doctor and got a marijuana license. I bought an 8th of something an 8th of something else and a 4th or another thing. I smoked a little last night and it felt great, even though I must had the munchies because I woke up and there was food and plates in my room. I am trying to do this without my parents knowing of it. So I have to go for walks or smoke late at night in the back yard or on the side of the house. It feels so good and I sleep so well. We talked about some of it in class this morning so I confessed that I smoke and I have a legitimate reason for needing to smoke pot. It would be easier if people who did not abuse the system, then it would be more like a good medicine. I get to see my doctor tomorrow, I am pretty excited about that. In fact I have to get some bus directions to her office. I want to text Rachael and see what she is up to and maybe smoke with her. She deleted a post that I had put up for her, to help her and she delete it from her wall. I thought that was a bitchy thing todo. OMG its almost 10. I really want to smoke, I want to see what it is like when I really know how to light and smoke a joint lol. I texted Rachael and she has not gotten back to me. I know that she smokes pot to get to sleep. It is a good way to get to sleep, however most of my life is like Karen Walker It's just a little hazy. I wish I had imagination. It's now been so long since I texted Rachael and I don't think that I am going to get a response from her. I am so sick of this. it makes me depressed and lonely as if she teased me with her friendship for a couple of days. I should have listened to my mom, she told me to just give it up that her friendship is toxic. I can make friends with many others from class and what not. I am so tired, but I want to go smoke!