I worked at the museum today. It was dead, we didn't know what to do, there was nothing to do as there were no visitors. I am anxious to go to school tomorrow. I don't know why, for the past couple weeks he has not given us any homework and I am afraid that he is going to give the class homework this week, the week that I am going to see luke. In a couple of weeks we are having another exam and I don't think that I am prepared for it. I keep spending money. I can't stop. It makes me feel good at the time being but sometimes later I feel badly for spending money and putting it on a credit card. I shop a lot at REI because it is a co-op which allows me to return anything at any time for any reason no questions asked. It makes me feel better because that means that I can always get my money back.  My dad and his new wife keep going in and out of fights and it is making an odd feeling in the household. I don't like it. Things keep pushing me to move back in with my mom. I am afraid that if I do I will lose the personal money that my dad gives me. We'll see what happens.   I have to do laundry.