Looking for a break..

I just want a break, from fighting with my teenage son and stupid skin cancer, from being Codependent. I feel I have aged so much in the last 2 years, this is the 1st time I have every felt like I'm getting old. I saw a picture of me in 2006 then 1 from 2009,  you can just see the lines and almost the unhappiness and angst that I feel. I working on them all, but at the moment just worn out, just need a break.  I think when I get my son thru 10th grade and summer school, I will have him spend a month with his Dad, I love him dearly, but he just being such a pain, failing classes, disrespectful to such a exterme, he's almost 16 and has the worst Tempertantrums. Skin Cancer is back,  which sucks, won't know what treatment will be until June 2.  I'm still dealing with the 1st surgery. I just want to take a time out..get some prespective. Patience, Patience not my strong suit.. I will survive...I think.. Thinking of all of you,Diana