Lonely - I feel so lonely without Smokey

I feel so lonely without Smokey.  We did everything together, had fun, laughed and got in fun kind of trouble.  It's not the same without him.  There is a big huge hole in my heart without Smokey.  My heart aches for Smokey.  He was the love of my life.  I will find no other like him.  Smokey was one in a million.  If I ever did find another person, it would be nice to find someone with money so we didn't have to worry about it.  Smokey was a kind, loving, generous and nice person but we were not rich and were struggling.  It was funny he supported me in quiting my job.  It was a horrible area of Vancouver and very not safe.  Not many men would support their women this way but mine did.  There will not ever be anyone else like him.  I know it.  If I ever did find someone in the future, he would be nice, kind and different from Smokey - I am just guessing, who knows or predicts the future except our Lord God Almighty.  Life is peculiar and who would think that I would be a widow at 54.  Who knew?  This is a very tough curve ball that is for sure and a very long recovery process.  Will I recover or heal from this very painful loss in my life.  I feel like crying here so I will say until next I write.  Good bye for now and have a nice evening.