little things can make a difference

I had trouble waking up today. I think it's because I had trouble going to sleep and didn't fall asleep until at least 2 in the morning and woke up at 7 for a little while too. I'm trying not to feel like getting up so late today is such a huge setback. There's a reason for it. I just have to get to bed earlier.
I read a journal entry today that started the day with positive pledges. What a good idea. We really do need the reminders to stay positive. One of the pledges was to smile at least once - and when I read that - it made me smile. Turns out when I told the author that, it made her smile! So, go team! Way to spread the good feelings. Little things really can make a difference.
Some of my own thoughts:
I will not let the negative thoughts beat me up and keep me down
I will try to be good to myself
I will be supportive of someone else
I will not let small setbacks defeat me
Those are my biggest enemies. Letting the negative thoughts run me down and finding that when I stumble, it opens the gates to being really hard on myself. I have to constantly remind myself that I'm a good person, a strong person, but that I have depression, which seems to set the negative thoughts on a free-for-all in my head. 
Repeat after me: it's the depression talking.