I had a dream once while I was with the N and it came true.  It was an argument.  I was blown away when this happened.  I kept trying to stop him and tell him that I had dreamed this.  He was saying the same things, wearing the same shirt, we were sitting in the same place.  At the time, I thought it was really weird that he still said the same things as in the dream.  I was changing my script because I was freaking out that I had dreamed this, but no matter what, he said exactly what he said in the dream, no change whatsoever.  The end result was the same.  I always wondered about that and why the entire scenario didn't change.
I was thinking about this earlier and thought, maybe there are times that you are being told something, but you just aren't listening.  Now, when I look back at how fake and unreal this man is...I get it.  His script didn't change because he is in no way connected to humanity!!!