Life\'s good!

  This is a pic of some wild snapdragons. A beautiful flower. I actually think I am going to get my journals all in and mine written before 2:30. I just arrived home from my bi weekly manicure. They look so... nice. Iit’s always a great time because she is a good friend as well so we get to catch up on our lives. While I was there another good friend, the lady who does my pedicures came in. It was the 3 of us at the cottage in August. So it was extra special.This morning I dropped of a birthday card to my other gal pal’s husband. I snuck it in the mailbox. Then after my nails I dropped of some of my homemade cream of carrot soup to her.Today I am making a Mexican meatloaf in the slow cooker. This is a first so I’ll see how it goes. The recipe sounds yummy but will have to do the wait and see on how well it cooks. I am going to serve it with baby veggies and homemade Spanish rice. Too bad I can only have a little of each due to my dieting.I didn’t get to tanning or exercising this a.m.. Oh well, one day of won’t hurt me. I am pleased to say the inches are coming off. Finally!!! Well, I have a sink load of pots to put away and a dishwasher to empty before I have to pick up the boys. So, I will say so long. I wish everyone a lovely evening. Debbie