Life Change

My Life has changed so much since my Luis departed.  I still miss him very much but I've had to learn how to make it alone.  I still take care of my elderly mom who will be 93 in August.  I work in the Adult day Care where they take care of her and she is entertained all day long.  I work in the office have very good co-workers.  I look forward to going to work.  Life is rough because I have to get up and bathe my mom and get her ready first then I get ready.  I have learned to appreciate life better than before I am thankful for all the good people around.  I have also realized that I have no desire to re-marry again or get into a relationship.  I have gotten so used to coming and going without anyone to answer to or ask me questions that it would be hard to give up my freedom.  I actually enjoy that part of my life but I still wish I had Luis in my life.  There is no replacement for him and though I do not desire another man I do desire to have him back.  Maybe it doesn't make sense. I did get another granddaughter last April which makes life a little better.
Well I just wanted to say that DS is a great place I can recall the first time I came to this site and I just couldn't believe my eyes so many people in my shoes suddenly the focus changes and you start to understand.  Have compassion for others as well. It's going to be 3 years in April and I just never thought I would ever feel this way.  It's nice to know that you can reach a time where you are okay.
I hope everyone is well and getting better.  One day at a time is how we have to take life.
God bless all