Lies Lies Lies Argh

Why me?  Why me?  Argh lies lies lies lies i hate myself.  Nomatter what I do a fucking lie slips out thats why Im going psycho.  I really try to stop ARGH!!!!  I am mad because all I do is try to talk to people friends and all that comes out is lies lies LIES  Grrrrrrrrr Its like i cant have a normal life  I was happy when I met my man and allways wanted to be around him now Ive been lying soooooooooooo much I dont know why Im still alive.  It hasnt happened to you guys yet dont worry.  I think its time I open up the truth about why I lie.    Ive been hurt in the past and used by people  now I dont trust anyone and it sucks i want to be happy but was never its a wish i had since i became an adult i want to trust people but find it hard because of the past.  Its tearing me apart I dont trust my mom I dont trust anyone and I want to trust again.  any advice?