last weekend

well now let me see... I'll start of with Friday. It was that morning that i filled my new change in perscriptions for the first time. i felt so different after about an hour. It wasnt like the medicen gave me a drug induced "happy" state, it was more like it made me not feel like there was no purpose in life, like I could do things and be productive. That knowlage is what made me happy. Its been too long since i had felt that way. Fast forward to Friday afternoon. I am supposed to meet my wife at the Humane Society of Louisiana's site for the "Fur Ball Gala" that was held this past Saturday. I was able to get off of work a little early, and head out that way. On the way i get a call from my wife asking me if i could get a PA system for them. SCREEEEECCHHHH!!!!! What? The event is tommorrow and they want me to find a PA system for them now?!!?! What happend is the AV company that they had, bailed on them that day. One day before the event. Well, production work is my bag, so first i called my boss to see if i couldnt get the company that i work for to donate the system. It was a small system (compared to what we ususally do), and I would be able to load it all in two SUVs and do all of the setup work myself. He would have to do nothing but say, "OK". Unfortunatly the guy i work for did not see where the donation would have any return for the buisness. He said no. I did not get mad. It's his gear, his company, he can do what he wants. I've been in this buisness in this town for the past 15 years. I know people. The next phone call i made was to a guy who owns his own production company. This guy i new to be a very down to earth personable, caring guy. I pitched the idea to him, and asked for a very meager system. He not only said yes, but he told me that he did not want to skimp on them. Just give them what you think they need to do the job right. What a guy! So i called my wife with the good news ( i was able to make the arrangements before i even arrived at the venue.) She was soooo very happy and so was the event planner. When i get there, the situation is that there is an outside area in a tent, and an inside area. The location is situated on the bank of the mississipi in downtown New Orleans Just to one side of the bridge. Very senic location at night with all of the lights on the bridge and the river traffic going up and down. Well, when i arrive there were people there helping set up chairs and tables, and a lot of discussion about how to arrange things. I got to work with the technical aspects of designing the system that they needed so that i could call my guy with a gear list. There were a lot of technical aspects to this event that had not been thought thru, so i jumped right in and got the phone number of their contact at the facillity and asked those questions, and made provisions for having every thing that the Humane Society needed. Saturday came and it rained, but only in the morning. I got the gear from the guy's warehouse and we tried to get to the venue, but a cruise ship was boarding passengers. The traffic was insane. The only road to get behinde the levee wall was a parking lot. We got there an hour late. The rain had stopped but the wind picked up in a big way. It almost blew the tent over several times!! So here we are, some of us setting up a sound system, and other setting up tables with place settings and decorations, in a tent that keeps threatining to topple over. It was insane. And yet we got it done. Lots of "fires" to put out. Lots of things to figure out, but it got done. The event went off and the patrons were happy, and we raised money for the animals of Louisiana. All in all a hectic and good day. Oh and by the way.... The Humane Society of Louisiana, was able to put a free half page ad in their program and give the guy two free tickets to the gala. So much for not getting any return for being generous. He did not ask for anything but he received a lot. Thats the nature of giving. Now come Sunday one would think that we would take a well earned breather. Oh no, My wife has a big heart and she's crazy to boot. We volunteer again for the Humane Society of Louisiana, at the Po-boy Fest. We had a donation table and a dog watering station. Another good, less hectic, but long day. The bonus of that day was all of the food. You really just have no idea!!!Well, thats all i have on this weekend so i guess i'll end this entry, by just saying this.Its been a very long time since i've had a truly good weekend... or even day. It felt very good.



you killed 4 birds with one stone:
- you helped the Humane Society and (potentially) hundreds of animals
- you made a lot of people happy, including (potentially) drumming up some biz for your friend who lent the video system
- you drew closer to your wife, through your joint efforts, humanitarian passions and your love for each other
- you accomplished your (continuous) goal of volunteering; giving back to the community

wish i could bottle up all your feelings, from the weekend... save them for a rainy day.

i hope you\'ve acknowledged your usefulness, reinforced your self-WORTH, and built up your self-esteem. you deserve nothing but the best times and lots of happiness...

you KNOW i\'m proud of you! :)

My Dear Friend who has been there for me..I\'m so proud and Happy for You!!...I\'m sorry I\'ve had so many problem of my own, that I\'ve not been here for You like I should..Please forgive me...I\'m so glad You had a wonderful weekend and it was very welcoming..I would have loved to have been there!!..I so miss the Louisiana!!!

Please Take Care and Keep going in the direction You are..Your doing Great!!..I\'m very Proud of You!!..I knew You could do it!!..

Love and Hugs Always,