Last Set Of Forms Filed

Well, the last set of forms were filed this morning including the declaration of decree, final dissolution, etc., so now it's just playing the waiting game until its all done on 8/4.
I know I should be feeling happy but my emotions are mixed. Yes, I want it to be over but at the same time I'm devastated that we got to this point and now are just waiting for the axe to drop and put an end to this marriage that at one time was filled with love.
150 days, 13 hours and minutes according to the countdown timer.  If I look at the failed marriage as a prison term, its either the parole date or the date of execution as it's marched down the hall to the chamber. I know I shouldn't but it tears me up to know what's coming.  I still have some love for her and to know that it isn't going to be returned hurts. I'm fighting tears now.. damn this!!



I\'m sorry, these are things nobody should experience.
I also had a countdown app, though mine was a tool to support myself in knowing when it\'d be (mostly) over.
I definitely think it\'s harder when a relationship ends while feelings are still there...
You\'ve got support though, hang in there.
*Hands you a tissue* -one of the good ones too, soft not scratchy

Thank you.. It\'s been tough and I know that feeling is far from over. Thanks for the kind words as I definitely appreciate them!!