I really like my new job, but it is somewhat overwhelming. I have been taking an ADHD medication that gives me a lot more energy, I think this is the way I have been able to sustain working long and late hours. I just started taking them on Friday and I can feel the effects well, however, I do want to increase the dosage when I see Dr. MaCcoll this Friday. I am taking it as a PRN 5mg up to 2x/day. I am hoping to move up to 10mg up to twice daily. I woke last night until 1am then went home and slept a bit and then I woke up and after class I will be off to work again until 9:30 tonight. My mom is pissed about something and she keeps taking it out on me. I don't know how to take this. She keeps telling me to be grateful that I have a job, but I have never indicated that I don't like my job, I feel lucky that I have a job. Something solid that pays me biweekly. I enjoy being at the theatre and I like the people that I work with. We're like a small family with the same thing in common; we love movies and we love Landmark. We are treated well and will move up the ladder quickly if I am doing what I am supposed to. 
My mom had a job interview the other day and they are going to make their decision by tomorrow, I hope she get s that job, I think that she would like it and she also really needs it for both money and to boost her psyche.Plus she needs to get out of that house. She is just making herself miserable in there all alone now, I see her only in little bits and in that time she is snapping at me all the time. I don't like it. Is she jellous that I found a job and she has yet to do so? I am unsure I can't read her like this, not right now. I am afraid for her though, apparently there is another issue with the building in Chicago, which will ultimately result in her rent income being push well into next summer. I am worried for her, but I can't take on her stress too, it will kill me. I better get back to my school work.
Goodnight moon