Day 2 of Lent!
I woke up today with an over sensation of happiness.  Its amazing.  I feel good.  I hope this stays with me.  I have been having these little flash backs occur at just the right time, that re-enforce that this separation is right.  This morning when I was getting ready for work, I looked at all the bags, mess, piles in my room from the stuff I have moved back and the idea that he has done this to me twice made me feel .....not angry but just more like a "how dare he do this to me" type of feeling.  I just shook my head in a sort of disgust and thought "no more, not ever again"  I doubt he would ask me to return, maybe it is denial, but something inside of me tells me it is not over and he just may pull this "come back" stunt again......but I felt so strongly if that opportunity arises again I know in my heart I will just flat out say NO.  Looking around my room just made me re-emphasized how used I felt, how replaceable, disposable, and insignificant I must be to him and I never ever want to feel that way again.
So, no tears so far today! hopefully there wont be any for that reason again....Well, the day is still young....but you know.