kinda depressed

Hey, folks, it’s a lovely day here today. My hubby and I are going to take some coffee and sandwiches and take the dogs for a walk at the Bird Sanctuary. It’s lovely there !!! I hope a day in the sunshine will lift my mood. I’m not feeling well both physically and mentally/emotionally. Not sure why. I had about an hours sleep last night, kept waking up in a panic attack and covered in sweat. I was so... restless that I finally got up and went downstairs to keep the dogs company and read a few magazines. I’ve been feeling pretty well the last while so I guess it might be time for a crash, now that just negative thinking, gotta stop that !!! I know one stressor in my life right now that really set me off. The Pension Agency did not take enough taxes of my cheques and I now owe the government a little over $ 3000.00. I’m not impressed to say the least !!! But what can I do, I’ve got to pay it. It really burns me when they already tax us to death. I think we are worse here in Canada than the US. And get this, they could not even provide a self addressed envelope with prepaid postage, errrr.Oh, well, I guess I’ll just have to suck it up. But I’m pretty sure this is a main factor in my spiralling mood.Anyway, friends, enough complaning from me I hope life is treating you kindly this day. Be well, Debbie