kinda bummed

 I'm feeling a little down today. A lot of changes going on in my life. My daughter is getting ready to move to another state with my twin 2 yo granddaughters. Those girls have been such a light to me, I'm going to miss them so much and don't know what I'll do without them. I was going to buy a house in the state she's moving to, but I can't really leave my brother here to care for my mom alone. I'm the only respite he gets. I could buy a house here, but then if my mom passes away (she's 82) will I want to leave. I'm sick of living in a mobil park. I want my own land. I want to get me another dog if my old dog has to be put down. That's another thing, I think I might have to put my dog that I've had for 12 years down. She's incontinent and has the house reeking terrible. She's wearing diapers, but she doesn't really like it. She also has a lot of other problems; she's deaf, has a dislocated hip, she's had 3 strokes, has a heart murmer and is easily confused. Plus she's lost a lot of weight even though she eats canned food. I think her vision is going as well. She has good days and bad days. Then there's my car. It's got some issues and it's going to cost $500 to fix, so I'll have to take out one of those expensive paycheck loans which means that next month I'll be stretched and will have to take out another one, getting a little more in debt each time until I get caught up. I just wish I had some answers.



Why is life like that sometimes.....everything seems to come at once, and things seems so overwhelming, and just too much to deal with.....I wish i had some answers too...I\'m so sorry you\'re having a tough time, and there\'s nothing i can say to make it better other than to say i\'m thinking of you and to hang in there....What a horrible situation to be in, wanting to be with your daughter and the girls, but feeling like you can\'t desert your brother. Have you talked to him about the possibility of you moving away at all?
If you moved with your daughter, could you come back periodically and give your brother a break? or is that not possible?
I hope things get better soon and that you find a way around everything
Biggest Hugs
((((((( HUGS)))))) xxx