Just stay stable.

I feel so bad. I was offered a position as a tutor at the Denver Pubic Schools. I went to the training and began to pick my schools and out of nowhere one of the directors emailed me and told me that they were taking a different direction and no longer needed me. I replied to the short email and asked why, they told me that they were not at liberty to say. Why? I don't understand why they can't tell me... Then I feel so odd at school, like as if I am behind or doing poorly. 
However, this afternoon somethings turned around and I was given a gift!!! One of my papers was extended like a week longer and one of my assignments moved from a D to an A. I had a politics meeting this morning and I am feeing more confident with school now. Tomorrow I go to the art museum to pick a painting for my history paper. I need to keep this momentum with school.
I met my new doctor and she wanted to change my medication like I thought she would. She suggested moving away from the xanax and more towards valium. She also wants to do therapy. What I did with Dr Power was just med management and med control. Dr Park told me that we can go the route that I was on which it the xanax element and all other current med and continue with only med management. I think she got that from me and she wrote me new scripts for all my meds and gave them all 2 refills. It took years to get to where I am now and I think that I need to stay stable for a while before moving anywhere too soon. I need to watch parenthood and then get ready for bed so I can get going tomorrow. 
Goodnight moon.